Our Lounger Pool TM was inspired by a young family from Lake Worth -- a devoted-mom, a sports-minded dad, and three small children. To accommodate their swim needs, we designed a pool, where Mom could relax in a lounge chair, but be right there in the pool with the little ones. When Dad wanted to “double-duty” his afternoons with the kids, the pool, and sports TV, it was perfect!

With its sun-shelf of 20’x 8,’ and a depth of 3’- 6,’ they allowed us to be whimsical and have fun with all aspects of the pool. .. so we used a wonderful tile that blended in with our mosaic Sea Turtles that swim across the 8” of water, and another set of sea turtles as a focal point from their patio. The pool has two sets of “birthday cake” steps and a long swim area for laps -- a perfect pool to lounge around in.


Our Lounger Pool tm can be shrunk or lengthened to any desired size and depth to meet your needs, or set back. We can add a spa and make it the focal point of your backyard … or add water features like a fountain or waterfall.