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Design With You In Mind


You will be spending a lot of time in your pool so the more time you spend on planning it, the happier you will be with the finished product. We believe with our dedication to our customers and our
know- how, we are a perfect match to build your pool and fulfill your dreams.

At West Palm Pools every pool is designed with you and only You in mind.

Many of our conversations with our customers start with: “We want a pool.” Great … we want to build it! And, therein lies the challenge. Let’s say your best friends have a wonderful pool and you want one exactly like it. We want you to have it, too; but, is your lot size and your house size exactly the size of your best friend’s lot and house? We will duplicate as best we can the pool you had in mind be it the one at your old house, your best friend’s house, or the one you saw at the last party you went to, but it will be your pool, with your ideas, and your needs – fulfilled.

That’s what it’s all about … fulfilling your swim needs.

A custom pool is a custom shape. We do not cookie cutter. We construct swimming pools in a variety of shapes and can provide you with lots of choices; however, we favor the basic geometric shapes. Why? Because a variation or combination of them will give you the greatest satisfaction.


When designing your pool, we always consider what your primary purpose is for your pool? Is it for personal use; will you want to swim laps; do you want a spa; will you mostly entertain? Is it just the two of your or do you have a large family or a small family? Once you decide your purpose, the design becomes simple in terms of length, width, and depth.

For example, If you want to swim laps after work, or your children are on swim team and want some extra practice, but the rest of the family just wants to have fun in the water, how do you comfortably accommodate everyone’s different needs?

In this case, we would recommend an “L” shaped pool. In this way, the long part of the L would be used for laps; and, while you are completing your workout, the other side of the pool, the short part of the L, would be utilized by other family members and friends for fun and relaxation ... even allowing for a sun shelf as we feature in our signature pool “The Lounger Pool.”