All Pools Have

- Lifetime Structural
- Architecture/design
   swimming pool
- Engineering
- Permitting
- County and/or
   Municipal Inspections
- Layouts
- Excavation [Dig and
- In-ground Gunite
- Pumps & filters
- Electric hook-up
- Backfill
- Plumbing
- Two Rows 6” (standard) - - Waterline Tile
- Raised Spa
- 4 Jets
- Equipment Set
- Aggregate Finish
- Start up of Pool
- Yard Clean Up
- Certification of

Our Company

What distinguished West Palm Pools, Inc. from all other swimming pool companies is customer service and safety. Combined with solid business practices and remarkable craftsmanship, West Palm Pools is a very different kind of pool company. At West Palm Pools, Inc., customer service is our #1 priority. We believe the process of putting in a swimming pool should be a positive one.

We know the words trustworthy, competent, and customer-focused.

Protecting Your Funds
We also know the word “budget” because that’s what we do: budget your money for your pool. West Palm Pools gives each and every pool its very own bank account, a fact that can be verified by the customer directly with the bank. We believe the monies you provide for your pool should do exactly that provide for your pool.

Building your pool with your money -- what a novel idea!

We use your money to build your pool. When a payment for construction is required, a draw is made from the account only for the purpose of paying that bill. When the pool is completed, the account is closed and monies are transferred to the general ledger. Many other pool companies do not conduct business this way, but West Palm Pools believes it’s important to do so. Keeping funds separated does two things: it insures the customer’s funds will be available to finish their pool and it provides very accurate cost accounting.

No Complaints
Oftentimes, especially here in South Florida, the industry has earned a negative reputation by unscrupulous builders – as evidence by the press. We are not one them.
A swimming pool represents a large investment of time and money by the customer, and should thus bring a life time of pleasure.

Quality Pools
We want our customers to enjoy the process of putting in a pool as much as we enjoy building it. To ensure our customers get this positive result, we stay in constant touch with them throughout the entire process, and are truthful about the timing of every phase of the work, and insure the pool is done in a timely manner according to contractual agreements. Along with our standard operating instructions manual, we present them with our own Certificate of Completion as well as one from the Building Department where the construction took place.